Name: Dzenana (pronounced Jae-na-na , J as in JYP)
AKA:  Jenji (Japan), Jenny (International), Kim Jen Su (Korea), Jen Shi (China) Jen SuShi (I like sushi :D), Jenino, and sooooo many more (I guess people come up with nicknames because my name is, kinda, hard to either pronounce or remember)
Age: 20, birthday 24 July.
First Drama: Hana Kimi Taiwan
Fave Drama:  Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen I-II, Bloody Monday,Tokyo Dogs, Pride, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Can You Hear My Heart, Cain and Abel, Phantom and many more
Fave Actor/Actress: ehmm.. a lot, I dont have ONE favorite but I have a lot I enjoy, mostly from my fave dramas, like for example So Ji Sub kekekeke..
Fave Arashi: Matsumoto Jun-Kun
Fave Big Bang: GD, but like all
Fave KAT-TUN: No fave, Like them all
Fave Suju: hmm,, Yesung the weird guy ^^
Suki(Likes): Weird spicy things,..hahah weirdoooh
Kirai(Hates): People that easily judge ! Daikiraaaaai~
Hobbies: Drama, Movies, not studying, sleeping, being lazy.
Current Occupation: University
Dream: Firefighter, lol jk I dont know, but great respect to firefighters no jk
Last Words:
 Thank You to all our readers :P
(Updated: 11-08-12)