06 October 2017

Defendant Review

Title: Defendant
AKA: Innocent Defendant
Genre: Legal, Thriller
Episodes: 18
Broadcast Period: Jan-2017 to Mar-2017
Cast: Ji Sung, Uhm Ki Joon, Kwon Yoo Ri, Oh Chang Sook, Uhm Hyun Kyung, Son Yeo Eun, Shin Rin Ah,

Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) is a star prosecutor with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. His world turns upside down one day when he wakes up to find himself in a police station jail, accused of killing his wife, Yoon Ji Soo (Son Yeo Eun), while his daughter is missing. What roles do identical twins Cha Sun Ho and Cha Min Ho (both played by Uhm Ki Joon), successors to the mighty Chamyung Group, and Sun Ho’s wife, Na Yeon Hee (Uhm Hyun Kyung), play in Jung Woo’s current predicament? Jung Woo has temporary amnesia and has no recollection of what happened. But with the help of public defender Seo Eun Hye (Kwon Yoo Ri), can Jung Woo find a way to prove his innocence while tracking down the real murderer?

Ji Sung  That drama had everything. Great script and directing, powerful acting, suspense, many twist and not even for a moment was it boring. Cha Min Ho and Park Jeong Woo were such a great duo, they had the most radiant chemistry for a villain-innocent relationship. The prisoners were definitely scene stealers, loved every moment with them, they were in charge of the humor in this really sad and frustrating drama. During the drama I wouldn’t be surprised if Ji Sung shed at least one liter of tears, you could literally see the passion he drew to his character. And that little girl? Damn. Give her an award already. However, not all of it was perfect. Now from a legal standpoint (I’m no expert, but I do know a little), but the system was one big mess, I would really not have anything to do with a legal system like this, a little turn off for this quality of drama. However, I enjoyed it for the acting and effort put into it. I give Ji Sung 10   from me, and for the drama:

☆☆☆☆ ½ / 4½ out of 5 stars

♥♥♥♥ ½ / 4½ out of 5 hearts

Bunjis Verdict

This drama is one of those that had hype, but this time I wasn’t aware of it. Which initially surprised me since the lead is Ji Sung, but later I was rather grateful since it didn’t cloud my judgment at all.
The idea of this drama and the casting is seriously on point, but I kind of felt that they dragged some things on for too long. I won’t tell which ones as it will spoil, but things that don’t directly involve the storyline. It didn’t necessarily ruin the story or drama, but it made it hard to take serious occasionally.  Fortunately, the story is intriguing and it is an interesting watch, so things like love story become unwanted - and thankfully it doesn’t really have that. I do have to say, at one point I felt bored - because of the ‘draggy’ parts, and I felt like this wasn’t my ‘type’ of drama at one point, but to sum up: this is a good drama with great acting, and I think no matter which type of drama you prefer, this will be a good watch

☆☆☆☆ / 4 out of 5 stars

♥♥♥ / 3 out of 5 hearts

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